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Types of Games


Games are a leisure activity. But it is often a source of learning too. Any play that is structured and organised in its rules is a game. Games vary in types based on the medium, style, source, etc. some popular types of games are given below:


  • Field Sports: Sports played in fields are popular around the world. These are strongly physical games which require special equipment and venue to play. Teams challenge each other and spectators to sit around to see the teams playing against each other. Sports include games like soccer, cricket, hockey and many others.
  • Lawn Games: Lawn games are also outdoor games, but they are played on the lawn and not vast fields or stadiums. These can be played at homes in the front or back yard or other small scale lawn venues reserved for such purposes. These include tennis, lawn bowls, sholf, croquet and bocce, etc.
  • Tabletop Games: Table top games are indoor games which are played on the surface of a table. Such games involve little or no physical exertion. Players sit or stand around a small counter or table, and the elements of the games or the required equipment for games is placed on the table in the centre. These games include party games like a mime, table tennis, poker and many others.
  • Board Games: Board games are the type of games which require a specific type of board to play upon. The board is the element of such a play necessary for playing. It provides the surface over which game has to be played. Players generally in twos to fours play board games. Some players can also play some types of board games. These include chess, scrabble, monopoly and many others.
  • Coordination games: These are table games where the special sort of tables or equipment is required to play the game. The basic idea behind such games is using the skill of physical coordination. Players have to coordinate their reflexes, mind and body to skillfully play such games. These games include foosball, pinball, air hockey, billiards, etc.
  • Card Games: Card games are ignominious usually due to the money involved in some types of card games. However, not all card games involve monetary exchange. Card games require a set of cards distributed among players. Rules differ for different types of card games. Examples include Ono, poker, bridge, rummy, etc.
  • Video games: Video games are popular among teens and adults. These are played on a TV or a handset with a screen. There are different types of video games available like Xbox, PlayStation and other small and handy video games.
  • Online Games: Online games are the most sophisticated type of video games played while connected to the internet only. There are thousands of online games for each age group.


Other types of games include guessing games, business games, role-playing games, simulation and pencil and paper games. These games involve the brain power and imagination and are played for different purposes other than entertainment.

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