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The Best Online Games


The age of coin operated games is over when the game lovers had to go to a special gaming zone for their love of games. Now it has become convenient to play the same in the comfort of the home. All sorts of games are easily available in the stores depending on the choice of the player. With compact equipment attached either to the TV or the computer the player can enjoy the most. With the development of the online passion, gaming has become an online passion also. There are numerous games that can be easily played online. These games are both paid and free. The best online games available are following:

  • Doom: it is a game full of demons, doors, locks and the intelligence to overcome all of these. The player can find all of these in the dark, narrow secret alleys. The player has to get out of these dark zones after killing the demons. The game requires shooting precision and the intelligence to know where the demons are. The blood splashes, the screams and the weapon based impact all make this a special experience.
  • Dojo of Death: it is a game focusing on the story of a boy who wants to kill the people by chopping them into pieces. The blood can be seen with great impact upon the viewer. The gameplay has several rooms. The player does not know when a Ninja will appear from nowhere from the adjoining rooms. It is an endless game and is greatly challenging. The thrill compels the player to keep on playing even when he is hit and loses the life.
  • The last tango: if you love the music and dance, then this game can be a real body mover for you. The thrill does not end here. It is a game that moves around two spies. Each move is so measured and according to the beat that the fun multiplies. The spies have t investigate the truth, and in this search for the reality hey come across challenges, traps, attacks, but they have to fight back. The back and forth, sideways, swift and slow movements create the real impression of thrill.
  • Silhouette: for the lovers of the horror games, this game is a real treat. It might not have high-quality visuals, but still, the impact is great. The game requires two players. One has to be the killer, and the other has to be a victim. The players can enjoy the manipulative patterns appearing on the screen. The music casts a more effective impact on the players.
  • Wonder putt: the gameplay is based on golf. A wide variety of colourful terrains covers the gameplay. The player has to show his skills to control the ball over the terrain. The final goal has to be achieved by putting the ball in the destination hole.

The list of the online games is getting longer day by day. A video game lover can choose whatever game he likes to play.

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