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Games For Boys


The word boy is a synonym of the words sports, activity, excitement, and energy. These are not the only definitions of the word boy. The list is endless. All other similar words combined end up in one common word, and that is BOY. Whether it is an indoor activity or outdoor activity the boys can stay in one place. Whether they are using the game kits or they are moving their hands on the gadgets, they need something that portrays their activeness, strength and masculinity. The boys love to fight the hulks, play the football match, go to war, race with the fastest on the road, ride a bike, etc. All of these are not possible when they are young, so they live their dreams through the games they play. Some boys although have a passion for cooking and makeover but they are very few. The majority is of those who prefer the manly activities.

The top ranking boy games:

The list of boy based games is endless but the top ones over the last few years are as follows:

  • Unbeaten bike champ: in this game, the rider Mario has the skill to change any vehicle into a legend. He is a courageous rider who is ready to face all the challenges. The player takes up the choices. He selects a bike from the available options, and then rides it along the different terrains. In this journey, he collects the bonuses while riding. The terrain will include the plains, the mountains, the waterfalls and much more. The game is easy to handle through the controlling buttons. The rider can ride straight, jump, roll and move through the waterfalls.
  • Great Basin desert truck: this game is a real fun for the boys who have a passion t drive large vehicles like buses or trucks. Unlike the routine driving tracks the boys get a chance to drive in the latest trucks on the rough, ragged and dry terrain of the deserts. The sandy challenge calls for the patience. It asks for the player to reach the destination after facing all the challenges.
  • 12 yards penalty legend: George Best, Messi, Pele, Maradona, Zidane or Beckenbauer emerged successfully on the football after fighting the game challenges. There were victories, failures, challenges, but the survivor was he, who faced them. With the same idea of fighting the odds in a sports field the game was created. The lively and the lovely players can score different points by kicking the penalties. The levels are unlocked after reaching a particular score. This mouse controlled game can make the player feel like a legend.
  • Kinetc based games: this is a set of games played on the X-box, in which the player feels the thrill. While playing, he can enjoy the jerks, the jolts and the vibrations as if they are the real ones. He can feel all the movements during the gameplay.

Games are fun, but getting the right one for the right age is the best option.

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